NARA AI saves 26% Heating Energy on 100 Buildings

We at ECCO2 are using AI and IoT technologies to reduce the CO2 impact of buildings at a meaningful scale. ECCO2 Building Intelligence propels the existing property stock into the digital age, quickly yielding significant reductions in CO2 emissions and energy consumption. The foundation of our work is measured data:…

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Renewable Heating

ECCO2 Solutions offers a free “Renewable Heating” service for buildings over 10 years old. Experienced consultants conduct an audit and provide a study on renewable heating options to help owners make better investment decisions.

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“Building Intelligence” now for heating technicians

The heating technician solution by ECCO2 is a modular toolbox tailored for heating companies. Through a partnership agreement with ECCO2, heating technicians can now freely select IoT tools that help them better serve their customers. It is a great chance for heating technicians to participate in the digital exploration of buildings…

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