Basel and Givisiez, July 2023

Rimmobas aims to save 3,200,000 kWh and 850 tons of CO2 annually.

Rimmobas, a major Swiss pension fund foundation, has made the decision to equip its building portfolio with ECCO2 Building Intelligence. After an extremely successful pilot phase, the green light was given for an expansion at the portfolio level.

The ECCO2 team, in collaboration with Cablex, commenced the implementation in July 2023, making use of a proven project methodology.

The equipment of nearly 110 buildings with ECCO2 hardware has already begun, enabling the artificial intelligence NARA AI to start optimizing the heating system without human intervention at the start of this heating season.

The project also includes value-added services from ECCO2 Consulting to support the plan to progressively replace heating systems that use fossil fuels.


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