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Caretaker App

Following customer suggestions, ECCO2 introduces a new service focusing upon practical challenges.

Whenever tenants complain about the settings of the heating system, the investigation and debate can be tedious, time consuming and frustrating. The new mobile app, designed to be extremely user friendly, shows in an intuitive way the indoor climate data for each building and each individual apartment over the last seven days, including the latest instantaneous values.

Indoor temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration are displayed. The caretaker, with factual data in hand, can competently address any tenant issues. They can also be alerted about system issues such as too low domestic hot water temperature.

“Building Intelligence offers a lot of extra value, beyond saving energy”, says ECCO2’s CTO Michael Frossard. “We leverage data to make our customers’ lives easier”.

The app is available for Android and I-Phone.

Caretake App