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From AI-powered optimization to transparent recommendations, our comprehensive services pave the way for efficient energy solutions.

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Strategy Development

Our team of experts assists you in formulating precise energy saving goals and develops tailored CO2 reduction strategies for you. 

Thanks to our sophisticated data analysis methods, we identify inefficient buildings in your real estate portfolio and propose measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Building Inspection

Identifying the low-hanging fruits is crucial. 

Through an on-site assessment, our experienced experts develop valuable insights and identify significant areas of action.



Investing in building certification with comprehensive reporting pays off twofold.

To ensure that your building performs better, we provide official building energy certificates along with pragmatic recommendations for action.

Tailored Support

We are by your side with years of experience in decision-making and implementation planning.

We provide support in defining specific renovation projects and selecting competent contractors. Our additional services include energy concepts, feasibility studies, and preliminary studies for thermal systems.

We accompany you at every step

The potential for energy savings varies from building to building. As resources are limited, prioritization is key for professionally managing the energy transition.

With the holistic ECCO2 data assessment approach, portfolio screening becomes easy. We outline the further course of action by having all relevant KPIs such as the building energy category at hand. Together we determine priorities, need of investigation and opportunities.

The implementation of some measures involves several consecutive steps requiring an overlook for optimal coordination. Other actions, such as replacing the heating, can be implemented within a year. We evaluate renewable heating solutions as part of an impulse consultation.

Based on location factors, we determine which renewable heating systems are suitable for your building. Using a variant comparison, we identify the most suitable solution. When selecting the heating system, we consider not only the one-time investment costs but also the expected energy and operating costs over the entire average lifespan of 20 years.

Depending on the technology and location, a building permit and sometimes a concession is necessary when replacing your heating system. We will inform you about which administrative steps need to be taken.

Additional tips will help you plan investments in a timely manner and determine the budget with minimal effort.

Energy certificates serve as official documents for assessing the energy consumption of buildings. This consumption is calculated individually for each building.

The calculation method for creating the certificate varies depending on the circumstances. For new buildings, it is based on planned values, while for existing buildings, the size and quality of all components are taken into account in the calculation process. For renovation projects, it is appropriate to provide a before-and-after comparison with various renovation options.

GEAKCertificate: Issuance of an EPC for an existing building with a given thermal envelope and heating system based on an “on-site” intake, plans, technical documentation and extensive calculations.

GEAKplus – Certificate with refurbishment scenarios: For buildings in need of renovation, it is recommended to commission a GEAKplus report, which includes not only the building energy certificate (actual) but also a detailed study of renovation options (target). In addition to providing cost transparency for financing and implementation planning, the comprehensive consultation report has the advantage of including considerations for subsidies. Only a selection of renovation projects are eligible for subsidies. In many cantons, an application for subsidies requires a GEAKplus report. The implementation of a renovation option is then documented through a GEAK report.

After selecting a renovation option, we continue to provide you with various services during the preliminary study phase (according to SIA guidelines).

Feasibility studies, energy concepts, and project definition are important foundations for project planning by designers and implementation by specialized professionals. Additionally, we participate in the development of documentation for selection procedures.

Harness the expertise of our professionals who bring years of experience in hundreds of buildings to your energy transition projects.

Urs Grossenbacher and Tobias Neugebauer are here to advise you and offer customized services to suit your unique needs. 

Take the first step towards a sustainable future today.

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