Building Intelligence

We make buildings smart with a high resolution network of IoT sensors. NARA AI realizes up to 20% certified reduction of CO2 emissions on this basis

Smart Buildings

52% of buildings have homogeneity defects that disturb the heating regulation. Our “High Resolution Sensing” indoor climate sensor network allows us to finely analyze the behavior of the building according to the weather. Hence, we created a mathematical model called “Digital Twin” which allows artificial intelligence to calculate the heating needs with an unknown precision and to maximize the savings for a given comfort level.

Imperceptible Fine Adjustments

NARA AI does remotely the work of hundreds of technicians: progressive fine tuning until the perfect optimization of the thermal balance of each building within 3 months.

Certified Results

A certified process provides you with a before/after report comparing costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as a classification of the buildings’ energy efficiency based on SIA 2013 / CECB. Operational parameters, load graphs as well as identification of hydraulic balancing issues are also covered.

Actionable Information

Your dashboard covers the entire property portfolio. The information is presented in a database that can be used directly to prioritize building renovation and substitution. Your CO2 plan and progress are visible at a glance.

Detailed Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of indoor climate in each apartment as well as forward and return water temperatures per heating circuit, hot water and heating energy consumption.

Swiss Excellence

Our electronic equipment is designed in Switzerland with the support of specialized partners. Swiss quality is reflected in the choice of Swisscom as a strategic partner for the communication network and the secure data processing and storage infrastructure – in Switzerland of course. For the calculation and certification of the results, we implement the SIA standards. The export version adopts the EU standards for data analysis and is carefully adapted to the uses of each local market.