• Award winning

    Our third award in 2022! After the Prix de l’Innovation Rent Switzerland at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the IoT Climate Award in silver, ECCO2 just won the Swisscom Startup Challenge 2022.

  • Save. Energy. Now.

    Real estate owners: ECCO2 reduces the energy bill by an average of 15% with data technology. Any heating, any fuel, success within weeks. Swiss made.

  • A world in balance. We can do it.

    We make buildings intelligent to save energy and CO2.
    Using AI, IoT, and big data, we reduce the energy consumption of real estate portfolios of any age and any fuel type. We leverage data for predictive heating control and portfolio ESG reporting.

  • Certified to perform

    Our solution is audited and certified by the mandate of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and carries the Solar impulse “Efficient Solution” label – proven efficiency in decreasing CO2 emissions.

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Energy savings


Machine learning steps

Renewable Heating

ECCO2 Solutions offers a free “Renewable Heating” service for buildings over 10 years old. Experienced consultants conduct an audit and provide a study on renewable heating options to help owners make better investment decisions.

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How it works

Our Building Intelligence solution is based on four pillars:
1. a mathematical model of the building called “digital twin”,
2. a high-resolution network of temperature, humidity and air quality IoT sensors
3. a professional grade, high-resolution weather forecast
4. real-time interfacing of energy meters
The NARA AI engine selects and combines this information to accurately calculate the energy requirement and fine-tune the setting of the digital twin.
The result is Swiss precision heating control, which minimizes consumption. Savings are calculated by a certified process.
The consolidation and automated analysis of data allow the monitoring of the energy efficiency of your portfolio and of your CO2 reduction plan.

Why we are Swiss #1


Operational Excellence

We assess the building, design and assemble smart sensors, install the sensors in the building and manage their data conduits, create building gateways, ingest highly precise meteorological data and manage communication with tenants.

With +700 buildings under our management, we have developed procedures and software tools to execute huge portfolio roll-outs hassle-free: Swiss style.


Happy tenants

CO2 reduction requires a fine-tuned analysis of the building’s particularities: 52% are not homogenous and the tenants’ behaviors are as variable. In addition, the weather influences the comfort perspective – saving energy in this context is a considerable challenge.

At ECCO2, we got to the bottom of the problem. Our engineers created a mathematical model of the building. Afterwards, NARA AI takes over and refines this model as well as the heating control in several hundred steps over 3 months. This results in a precise metering of heating energy and maximum savings in compliance with comfort instructions.


Precision metrics, certified

ECCO2 Building Intelligence quickly provides up to 20% energy savings. In addition, the precise information allows to drive the renovation strategy and to keep track of the progress.

With certificates from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and pending certificates from other countries, ECCO2’s energy savings calculation provides accurate, real-time data to maximize the impact of your strategy.

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