Cumulus Cloud

Your control: An easy and intuitive web portal allowing customers to monitor and optimize the entire portfolio, building by building, with real time data and proven results. 

Level-by-level views allow easy navigation to the essential functions. From the caretaker to the portfolio manager, all target groups are considered accordingly and the required functions are made available. 

See the behavior of individual apartments, entire heating systems or measure the performance of your entire portfolio.

Interior Climate

Temperature, humidity and air quality measurement

The high-resolution measurement network records the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in each apartment. NARA AI uses this information to accurately determine the optimal heating setting. In addition, this information provides a factual basis for a constructive dialogue between the stakeholders.

Heating Systems

Monitoring and control of the entire installation

From the old fossil-fuelled heating system to the modern one, Cumulus Cloud allows you to monitor any heating system or substation. All operating parameters including energy consumption, CO2 emissions and associated CO2 emissions are collected, calculated and presented to the user.


Can we really renovate without facts?

Whether your questions concern a specific building or the entire portfolio, Cumulus Cloud provides you with a database of actionable information for discussions and decision making. We call it “Actionable Intelligence”. Act with competence and confidence, thanks to factual answers based on Swiss precision data.