Our Team

We are engineers and carpenters, pilots and philosophers. We come from around the globe and speak an unknown number of languages (counting the large variety of Swiss dialects).

We are individuals, and we are a team. We are commited to paving the way for a world in balance.

We are ECCO2.

How it started

In 2014, the pioneers Urs Grossenbacher and Beat Ackermann founded Pronoó AG and developed a system that uses weather data to optimize the energy efficiency of building heating systems by incorporating freely available solar energy.

After the initial successes, the technology is steadily developed further in the following years and begins to establish itself in the Swiss market. By the end of 2019, five people are working in the team.

Successful projects with significant success in energy savings announce the next stage of development and a major growth stage that makes the system ready for large-scale deployment. In 2020, Pronoó AG enters into a partnership with the new company ECCO2 Solutions AG, which transfers the technology and processes to industrial series production and takes over sales. This alliance accelerates growth and strengthens the company’s position in the market as a leading manufacturer of “Made in Switzerland” solutions for optimizing building heating systems.

The heated area under contract grows by 150% in the same year while the young team of ECCO2 grows to 17 employees.

A broad-based team of software developers, engineers and energy experts works every day to make the Swiss real estate portfolio more sustainable and to meet the challenges of climate change with smart technology.

Our Team

Abdulrahman El Tawil
Systems Manager

Antoine Bochud
Field Engineer

Antoine Eddé
Executive Chairman

Atef Baatour
Project Manager & Energy Engineer

Beat Ackermann
Solution Architect

Céline Pasquier
Office Manager

Christian Binz

Christian Binz
Finance Manager

Christian Rubli
Head of Operations

Corinne Bassile
Team Lead & Product Owner

Cyril Joudieh
Data Scientist

Eric Terrapon
Field & Energy Engineer

Georges Salloum
CEO I-Stay

Hani Safa
Software Developer

Hervé Froidevaux

Hervé Froidevaux
Board Member

Jean-Claude Michaca
Board Member

Jean-Philippe Murset
Sales Specialist

Jiri Sejbal
Operations Manager

Lukas Reber
Automation Engineer

Marie Petit-Jean
Senior Energy Engineer

Maxime Bohnenblust
Software Engineer

Meriem Hoffarth
Project Manager

Mertcan Akyüz
Field Engineer

Michael Frossard

Nadia Aebischer
Software Engineer

Philipp Erdmann
Energy Engineer

Quentin Roulet
Software/Hardware Engineer

Rita Khaled
QA Specialist

Samuel Britt
Field Engineer

Stacy Quinodoz
Marketing Project Manager

Stéphanie Schindler
Administrative & Project Assistant

Steve El Khoury
Software Engineer 

Thomas Rauber
Board Member 

Tobias Neugebauer
Senior Energy Consultant

Urs Grossenbacher
Senior Energy Consultant

Yves Cosendai
Chief Growth Officer