Wüest Partner, a leading partner in the real estate industry in Switzerland and Europe, promoting the digitalization of transparency and sustainability, has just released its report on ECCO2 Building Intelligence, examining the impact on two buildings equipped with our digitalization solution.

Wüest Partner analyzed all facets of the ECCO2 Building Intelligence technology for digitalizing buildings and how it can contribute to the enhancement of the properties equipped with it. From the reduction of energy costs to the discount rate applied for valuation including ESG considerations, every aspect has been examined and taken into account.

The study focused on two properties: a new Minergie-certified building and an older one heated with fossil fuels. Although this small sample does not allow for generalizations, the conclusions confirm in both cases what we have long been convinced of:

ECCO2 Building Intelligence is a profitable investment that improves ESG transparency and the value of the equipped properties by a multiple of the investment made.

Thus, our clients can confidently invest in their CO2 reduction path, knowing that every franc invested will be reflected in the net value of the portfolio.

Access to this report is free, but subject to terms of use and redistribution. The report is available in French and German.

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