As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, property owners face increasing pressure to minimize resource consumption.

At ECCO2 Solutions, we believe that the key to achieving this lies in a comprehensive data strategy that includes live monitoring of resource consumption and control of operations.

Knowing your building is the first step on the way to net zero.

Delayed yearly reports, based upon manual processing, are a thing of the past. We collect the correct raw data right at the source, skipping the “middlemen”, for faster aggregation, higher quality and maximum value in ESG benchmarking.

Our client Pensimo Management AG trusted us to fully digitize the recording of energy and water consumption for their various properties in the Sulzerareal in Winterthur. The goal of this pilot project was to assess the benefits and costs of implementing real-time collection of raw resource consumption data at the source. We are pleased to report that it was highly successful.

Our approach was simple yet effective. We utilized ECCO2’s established heating optimization technology as the foundation of a 360° data strategy and provided our client with a complete picture of their resource usage. This includes not just heating energy, but also electricity and water consumption.

Electricity and Water measuring

To achieve this, we extended the reporting and database infrastructure to collect, store and structure raw data from multiple sources in a way that makes the output immediately useable for ESG reporting.

We seamlessly merged data from the local metering infrastructure and online sources wherever available into a single, fully coherent view of the property’s resource consumption. This included the development and implementation of a fully functional interface to the SDAT central server platform of the Swiss Association of Electricity Suppliers.

In the future, we will make use of the open API of ECCO2 Building Intelligence to integrate additional data vectors, such as photovoltaic production and electromobility consumption from third-party solutions to provide a holistic view of local resource production and usage, helping customers monitor operations and identify optimization potential and cost savings opportunities.

At ECCO2 Solutions, we provide a long-term data strategy towards net zero, funded by immediate benefits: Our proven heating-energy savings technology generates ample funding and provides the basis for constructing 360° Building Intelligence.

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