Monitoring energy flows within buildings is the foundation of our joint efforts to reduce the CO2 footprint. The collection and management of real production and consumption data are essential tasks that form the basis of any energy rationalization strategy.

Signa-Terre and ECCO2 are pleased to announce the availability of an interface between their two solutions, enabling automated exchange of energy consumption data. As a result, Signa-Terre’s ImmoLabel® solution receives real-time consumption data collected by the ECCO2 Building Intelligence system. The real-time data collection capabilities of the ECCO2 system allow for fine-tuning the technical systems of buildings and transferring the data to the Signa-Terre system which consolidates energy and climate performance indicators across the portfolio.

Dr. Olivier Ouzilou, Director of Signa-Terre stated :
“Signa-Terre offers a low-tech and universal approach that enables energy and climate monitoring for all the buildings in our clients’ portfolios, most of which are older buildings without any external communication devices. When relevant, we collect data measured by intelligent systems that offer better resolution and faster detection of potential consumption deviations.”

Antoine Eddé, Executive Chairman of ECCO2 added :
“ECCO2 Building Intelligence is an open system. As of today, our “High Resolution Sensing” IoT measurement network collects 10 million data points per day. We wish to share this unique treasure with the providers chosen by our clients to assist them in their efficient real estate management efforts. Signa-Terre, a recognized leader in this field, is an ideal partner to realize this vision.

We are delighted with this collaboration, which automates data consolidation efforts while enhancing the quality of our clients’ energy reporting. The management of the real estate portfolio’s energy is simplified, to the benefit of all parties involved. This interface solution is available at no additional cost to common clients of ECCO2 Building Intelligence and Signa-Terre. We thank Signa-Terre for the excellent collaboration, our client, Fonds Immobilier Romand, for providing the data, and look forward to sharing the benefits with all our common clients.”

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