Great success for ECCO2’s product development team: NARA AI technology is on the shortlist for the prestigious Prix de l’Innovation of Rent Switzerland Lausanne. Prevailing a tough competition, ECCO2’s ground-breaking new feature was selected by the Jury to be among the three finalists in the “Digital” category. The winner will be selected during the Rent Switzerland exhibition at Lausanne on April 7, 2022.

ECCO2 will participate in the event – come and see us at Swisstec Convention Center Lausanne on March 6 and 7, Stand #30.

NARA is an artificial intelligence analysing billions of data derived from ECCO2’s Builiding Intelligence, a data network fed from sensors, geographical and meteo data. It achieves large scale energy and greenhouse emissions savings from heating systems with no human intervention.

NARA is in full scale operation since January, 2022, driving several hundred heating systems at this time. Additional energy savings of 7.2% in average have been recorded as of February 28, 2022, over and above the savings delivered by ECCO2’s predictive heating control.

In the wake of potentially uncertain energy supplies, NARA can be considered as a giant lever, allowing efficient, large-scale adjustments of heating systems, to help minimize energy consumption and restrictions in heating comfort.

Imagine hundreds of virtual heating technicians working 24/7 to dynamically fine tune each heating system and extract maximum efficiency from it.

ECCO2 has developed a scalable workflow involving a network of HVAC installation organizations, to assure frictionless deployment of the solution to large portfolios. The sensor and data network rely on the backbone of Swisscom’s server and network architecture, known for their reliability and scalability.

Antoine Eddé, ECCO2’s Product Strategist, explains NARA’s contribution as follows:

“Should large scale energy savings from heating systems be imposed, NARA would be able to minimize comfort restrictions. All we’d need to do is set new indoor temperature targets and let the machine learning smoothly implement this across the board. NARA will accurately align the heating systems with the new expectations, with the best possible comfort for the inhabitants. NARA will generate a report for each building showing its full compliance and the precise amount of energy savings achieved.”

Jürgen Biefang, ECCO2’s Head of Marketing & Sales added:

“We are happy the jury acknowledged the potential of our technology and selected us for the finals. We are looking forward to a fun public voting session.“

The ECCO2 “Building Intelligence” energy efficiency solution is officially certified by the KLIK foundation. Deployment in fossil-energy powered buildings qualifies for Swiss federal subsidies of up to 35%.

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