We at ECCO2 are using AI and IoT technologies to reduce the CO2 impact of buildings at a meaningful scale.

ECCO2 Building Intelligence propels the existing property stock into the digital age, quickly yielding significant reductions in CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

The foundation of our work is measured data: our High-Resolution Sensing collects over 8 million data points per day from 15’000 managed objects.

This Terabyte-sized landscape is where our NARA AI engine uses Machine Learning to turn the inflow of data into ever-increasing heating control precision.

Until now, industry experts expected “software only” interventions to achieve a maximum of 20% average energy savings over a statistically significant group of buildings.

NARA just shattered this limit, setting a new standard with: 26% average energy and CO2 emissions savings over the top 100 projects*.

Note that this is not about one building: it is the average value for one hundred projects representing over 250’000 m2 of heated area.

This unprecedented performance squarely puts ECCO2’s Building Intelligence in a class of its own : Swiss Precision at its best. Energy consultants and property owners know what it would take to achieve this level of energy efficiency improvement using conventional “brick and mortar” investments.

If you are in charge of charting the CO2-reduction path of a major property owner, we would love to discuss your objectives and help you implement this simple vision to maximize both ROI and environmental impact:

  1. Digitize
  2. Optimize
  3. Prioritize.

ECCO2 Building Intelligence. Working for a World in Balance.

* Savings computed using a certified, industry-standard process, audited on a yearly basis by mandate from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.

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