ECCO2 Solutions is launching ECCO2 Consulting, our new in-house unit for energy consulting services.

ECCO2 Consulting will advise real estate owners in energy transition projects, and provide customized services such as energy reporting, official energy labels (GEAK/CECB), handling of MINERGIE certifications and more.

“Our customers can now have access to professional and customized services where needed. We go beyond the AI-powered, automated optimization service to become a 360° partner for our customers in their energy transition projects.”, says Urs Grossenbacher, ECCO2 Co-founder and Senior Project Manager.

Urs Grossenbacher & Tobias Neugebauer

The Consulting unit will develop added value by leveraging the exceptionally rich data generated by ECCO2’s AI-powered Building Intelligence solution during its operation.

“ECCO2 customers have always asked us for advice beyond base services and we have delivered informally so far. The pressure is mounting on us all to accelerate the energy transition. We are responding by creating a formal unit and brand element of ECCO2. We believe that our customers can reap tremendous value from their Building Intelligence data with our help and expertise.”, adds Antoine Eddé, ECCO2 Executive Chairman.

ECCO2 Consulting will be initially manned by Urs Grossenbacher and Tobias Neugebauer and supervised by Antoine Eddé from the Management Team.

At ECCO2, we continue to cross-function whenever possible and required, delivering the best possible customer experience.

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