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ECCO2 Cumulus Sense officially becomes a CO2 offset project

The Federal Act on the Reduction of CO2 Emissions provides for a wide range of concrete measures to achieve the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Among others, part of the CO2 emissions generated by fossil fuels must be offset. Reductions achieved through projects and programs in Switzerland can be certified and used to offset emissions.

ECCO2 Solutions AG is proud to be part of the FOEN's CO2 offset program with its project to increase energy efficiency in buildings.

We would like to thank Climate Services for their valuable advice throughout the process.

How does the ECCO2 system help to reduce emissions?

ECCO2 helps to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions from buildings and contributes to a better indoor climate.

Heating systems use the outside temperature to regulate the room temperature. They also do not use the thermal storage capacity of the building and do not know the actual indoor temperature. The heating temperature is therefore regulated without knowing the exact conditions inside the building. Adaptation to weather situations is very slow and time delayed. This often results in overheated buildings.

ECCO2's predictive control optimization leaves the existing heating controller in place, but predictively applies an offset to the reference temperature based on weather forecast data. The characteristics and orientation of the building, current and forecasted weather, indoor climate and user behaviour are all taken into account. The result is an optimized and controlled heating system, low energy consumption and a more stable indoor climate. Depending on the final energy used for space heating, CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly.

Objective of the program

The objective of the program is to provide financial support to owners for the purchase of an ECCO2 optimization system and thus increase the number of buildings equipped with this system. The target group of the program is large residential complexes heated by fossil fuel systems. The program is limited to properties where the owner has no financial advantage to save energy costs (rental flats or cooperatives).

How is the amount of emissions reduced by the scheme calculated?

To calculate the emissions reductions achieved by the scheme, the baseline energy consumption is determined for each project. If no measured data is available, this is done by recording the energy demand as a function of the outdoor temperature without the optimization being activated. In this way, the reference energy consumption can be calculated. After activating the predictive control optimization, the actual energy consumption is measured again. The difference to the reference energy consumption leads to a reduction in energy demand through control optimization and the reduction in CO2 emissions is calculated with the corresponding emission factors. Monitoring is ensured by continuous recording of the energy demand.

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