The Swiss real estate sector is responsible for about one third of the CO2 emissions across the country. This situation needs to change if Switzerland is to achieve its climate goals. Since 2020, the “Renewable Heating” program, launched by SuisseEnergie, aims to contribute to this effort by emphasizing the importance and usefulness of reducing CO2 emissions.

ECCO2 Solutions has launched a brand-new service called “Renewable Heating”, fully subsidized to benefit its clients. This service is completely free for buildings whose heating system is more than 10 years old, regardless of the energy vector.

The objective of this service is to help property owners make an informed decision by providing them with a comprehensive study and financial quantification of the options for switching to a renewable solution. “ECCO2 Consulting” provides human expertise, with senior consultants who have unique experience on hundreds of buildings. They will also conduct an audit of the building to help property owners better understand their real estate portfolio and obtain better investment allocation.

The property owner doesn’t have to worry about administrative paperwork, as ECCO2 Solutions takes care of everything and invoices the program management directly.

“Renewable Heating” offers property owners a unique opportunity to explore cost estimates for switching to renewable energy sources, without any constraints, while reducing costs and obtaining valuable information about their real estate portfolio.

Contact us today for more information about this new service.

Learn more about the “Renewable Heating” program : Chauffez renouvelable – Chauffage à énergie durable

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