ECCO2 Solutions made it to the TOP 3 best innovations of Fribourg 22/23 in the sustainability category.

On November 9th, ECCO2 Co-Founder & Solution Architect, Beat Ackermann took the scene at Forum Fribourg during the Innovation Award 22/23.

The best innovations were selected after a thorough evaluation on various criteria from the degree of technological innovation, the degree of market innovation, the commercial potential, and sustainable practices.

Congratulations to PMF-System for receiving the sustainability award ! PMF-System has developed a digital assembly assistant for SMEs which opens the doors to the labour market for people with disabilities. Their system provides a fast, simple, and efficient assembly and disassembly of all types of tubular structures. We wish them great success for their ambitious goal !

The Innovation Award of Fribourg allows innovative companies to be known and recognised in the canton of Fribourg and in Switzerland. Since 1991, more than fifty companies have benefited from this showcase of Fribourg’s entrepreneurial creativity and have been able to develop more serenely, enriched by a strengthened capital of confidence.

ECCO2 is proud to be continuously strengthening the economic region of Fribourg with its innovations, supporting locals, and working hand in hand with regional professionals. ECCO2 is also pleased to witness more and more real estate portfolio acting in real time for a world in balance.

© Stéphane Schmutz / STEMUTZ.COM

Cover picture credit: © Stéphane Schmutz / STEMUTZ.COM
Cover picture tag, from left to right : Michael Frossard (CTO & Management Board – ECCO2), Beat Ackermann (Co-founder & Solution Architect – ECCO2), Urs Grossenbacher (Co-founder & Senior Project Manager – ECCO2), Stacy Quinodoz (Marketing Projects Manager – ECCO2), Thomas Rauber (CFO, Board of Directors & Management Board – ECCO2), Céline Pasquier (Office Manager – ECCO2), Christian Binz (Finance Manager – ECCO2), Jean-Philippe Murset (Sales Specialist – ECCO2)

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