Martigny and Givisiez, November 2022

Groupe Mutuel confirms its innovative real-estate asset management approach by concluding a contract with ECCO2 Solutions SA. The objective is to achieve 1 million kWh of yearly energy savings.

Faced with the current energy supply instability and soaring costs, Groupe Mutuel has decided to deploy the ECCO2 “Building Intelligence” solution, which reduces the consumption and CO2 emissions of heating systems, across the entire building portfolio. 

Designed and developed in Switzerland, this technology promises average energy savings of 15%. This is a significant percentage for the Swiss Confederation, which stated this as a nationwide goal. The savings achieved by ECCO2’s technology are certified by mandate of the Federal Office for the Environment and attract state subsidies.

Ulrich-Yvan Imboden, Groupe Mutuel’s real estate Technical Operations Manager, stated:

“A tremendous challenge awaits property owners this winter. Reducing heating settings without factually knowing the starting situation and the outcome of our actions is quite simply utopia. We need to know with reasonable accuracy what we are doing, out of consideration for tenants and to avoid gross and costly mistakes. ECCO2’s “Building Intelligence” solution provides us with detailed consumption and indoor climate data in real time, allowing us to navigate these challenging times with competence and serenity. In addition, with a fully connected building stock, Groupe Mutuel is positioned at the forefront of technical management and creates value by improving both the operating technology and the energy performance of all of its buildings.”

Jürgen Biefang, ECCO2 Head Marketing & Sales added:

“Groupe Mutuel wisely and competently tackles the harsh reality: 90% of heating systems in Switzerland require on-site interventions for each adjustment. Building Intelligence gives owners, managers and heating technicians a powerful toolset: remote control and optimization without the need for human intervention, thanks to NARA AI artificial intelligence. Groupe Mutuel will benefit from a well-documented optimization process and have access to a full set of portfolio wide analysis tool. This added value confirms and reinforces Groupe Mutuel’s leadership in sustainable innovation.”

Image description from left to right : Alain Wagnières (Head of Operations & Management Board – ECCO2), Ulrich-Yvan Imboden (Technical Operations Manager – Groupe Mutuel), Gérald Mayoraz (Board of Directors – Groupe Mutuel), Daniel Coupy (Architect – Groupe Mutuel), Antoine Eddé (Executive Chairman, Board of Directors & Management Board – ECCO2)

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