We are proud to announce the launch of our operation in Prague, with local partners and investors. ECCO2 Solutions (Eastern Europe) s.r.o. is managed by Marc Eddé, a long-time entrepreneur in Czech Republic.

The mission of this new branch is to export the ECCO2 Building Intelligence solution to Eastern European markets.

“Eastern Europe is a great opportunity for ECCO2. Its high ratio of rented residential spaces is a huge potential for energy savings. And with the ongoing war in Ukraine bringing prices through the roof, our plug-in system for buildings can be a true solution”, says Marc Eddé, Executive Director of ECCO2 Solutions (Eastern Europe) s.r.o.

“With the Eastern European joint-venture, we are pursuing our strategy to go international with our Swiss-made data precision. From an energy saving perspective, Eastern Europe is an interesting target market, but it certainly is just the beginning. The plan is to give our local partners access to our highly efficient building technology with the assistance of our Swiss Artificial Intelligence NARA AI», adds Juergen Biefang, ECCO2’s Head of Marketing & Sales.

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