ECCO2 Solutions AG and Miromico confirmed a production agreement for 26’000 climate sensors and a corresponding number of GX2 gateways based on ECCO2’s award-winning design. This hardware needed to achieve 10-20% of heating energy savings in buildings will be delivered from 2022 and will enable ECCO2 to massively increase its energy savings. Miromico has been ECCO2 trusted hardware manufacturer for years. Defying global supply shortage, Miromico has secured ECCO2 supply for upcoming roll-outs.

Alain Wagnières, Head of Operations at ECCO2 stated:

“The deployment of over 11’000 Sensors during the past two years has given us the opportunity to develop and refine mass-deployment software tools and processes.

We are now boosting our manufacturing volume to 26’000 units, ready to tackle portfolio-wide energy savings on up to 4’000’000 m2 of heated area as of 2023. This manufacturing effort enables ECCO2 to fulfill its vision of deploying 50’000’000 KWh of yearly energy savings by next winter.

We want to contribute to the Europe-wide effort towards reducing dependency upon fossil energy imports.”

Shekeb Fateh, Miromico’s CEO:

“We are proud to support ECCO2’s ambitious project with our high-quality hardware. Our capabilities in the field of IoT technology help our customers to always find the optimal solution for their products.”

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