Honoring ECCO2’s contribution to a world in balance, Swisscom has awarded ECCO2 the 2022 Swisscom IoT Climate Award in silver. “The Swisscom IoT Climate Award recognises the outstanding achievements of companies and their contribution to climate protection. We want this award to inspire companies to implement climate-friendly changes and contribute to a sustainable future.” said Res Witschi, Swisscom’s delegate for Sustainable Digitalisiation.

Criteria were the total amount of CO2 saved, intensity per unit, innovation and customer experience – all of which the jury recognised to be outstanding with ECCO2.

“We are extremely proud to win this award. After years of hard work it feels good that the achievement of the team is recognised by the jury”, said Beni Huber, founder and member of ECCO2’s Board of Directors. “Swisscom is a reliable partner for our IoT solutions and we are grateful for this distinction”, added Antoine Eddé, ECCO2’s executive Chairman and product strategist.”

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